Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ever Given a Thought to the Fact Why is Ed so Hard to Tackle?

Almost all the conceptions, thoughts, and perceptions in this world are plagued by misconceptions. There is hardly anything in this world that is not frothed with the curse of misconceptions and myths. Same is the case with the male impotence disease erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is probably one of its kind ailments which in spite of being hugely prevalent, is one of the least discussed diseases mainly because the patient does not like disclosing this fact. Now you must get rid of this myth as erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of.

From time immemorial men and even women have attached a lot of extra implications to a man's ability in having sex. A man's virility has often been taken as a symbol of power, dominion, and wealth. His masculinity is judged by his performance in the bed. And because of this thinking, man has also come to think of sex as inevitable to his existence, his virility and his masculinity. As a result great harm is done to the psyche of an impotent man. He is also bothered by the very thought of discussing his problems with someone else. The times were different in the earlier days, but even today men are hesitant in admitting ED. Erectile dysfunction has always been over dwelt upon. It has always been burdened with a lot of additional conceptions. And here lies the knack of the problem. It has been thought of everything but a physical ailment, which actually ED is.

Not only the conceptions regarding ED, but even the causes of ED have been thought to be more on the mental front. Which is actually another myth related to erectile dysfunction. ED is a true blue physical disease and its causes are also more physical rather than mental. It has been divulged in a survey that more than 80% of ED cases are caused by physical causes. The common physical causes of ED are high blood pressure, diabetes, prostrate cancer, and heart diseases. Definitely the effects of ED are almost completely on the mental front. The first blow of ED is on the self respect of the concerned male. But then these consequences of ED also take place because of the fact that the conception of ED in men is all wrong. Our mentality regarding ED has been formed in such a way that ED can be termed as the worst enemy of men. Here we can add that though man has taken giant leaps in every possible direction of progress and development, he has not been able to do away with a number of outdated and outmoded and sometimes even harmful misconceptions and myths.

The simple way to cure ED effectively is to view it in its correct light. It's a physical problem that attacks almost all the men at some point of their lives. Hence instead of crippling under it, it is better to speak up and work towards solving the problem. Today the task is much easier as we get drugs like cialis online. Now anyone can order cialis from the Online Pharmacies which at times even offer discount cialis. Am sure you are aware that you should never buy cialis or any other drug online without first getting a prescription for the same. So, always Buy Cialis online only if you already have a cialis prescription in hand, else just go straight to a Doctor.

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